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Ready to Master Your Domain?

Well, you have a couple of different options, but they all start the same: We need to get to know each other. But first, let me tell you about your design story. (You didn’t know you had a design story, did you?)

Domain Interior Studio is a full service organization. With your participation, I am able to complete any aspect of a residential or hospitality interior, whether independently or in conjunction with contractors, artisans, and craftsmen in the field. I invite you to involve me in your process as early as possible in any endeavor including total construction, or renovations. Design is an additive process– the more information you have from the start the more ideal your outcome will be!

Creating the perfect interior for you is a process, and the journey of getting there– finding inspiration, searching for the perfect piece, negotiating, falling in love, and buying — that is your design story. Everyone’s story is a little different, but the broad strokes are the same. Read on to see how we will master your domain!

The Design Story:

Chapter One: Investigate, Imagine, and Present.

To investigate is to conduct a systematic examination. Don’t let the definition fool you, though. This part of the process is personal, rewarding, and fun! Let me tell you a little bit about the investigative experience. I will meet you at your project space and we will get to know each other. We will also spend some time talking about what you want done in the space, how you imagine it. I will dig deeper and ask about color, fabric, furniture styles and other preferences. We will of course talk about budget as well, I cannot promise to design a space within constraints if I don’t know what the constraints are. All of the questions may seem like a lot, but ultimately this information will lead to a complete and deeply personal design solution for your space. I will do my best to listen to all that you say and take notes as we go along — no detail can be lost! Also during the visit, I will take photographs of your surroundings. I respectfully request to see the major areas of your home, office or facility even if you are not requesting my assistance in those areas. Seeing adjacent spaces allows me to create continuity in all areas of your environment — critical for that effortless “flow”. Taking note of these spaces should not pressure you to add them to my scope of services, you need only rest easy knowing that for the final design solution, everything was studied as a whole.

Following the ‘interactive portion’ of our time together I will spend some time alone revisiting your space, making more notes. There will be details that I may have missed and unique items that I would strive to incorporate into your design solution. Your personality and presence should be tailored and showcased in your home or facility, not eclipsed by the current trends or my design history. I’ve always loved to re-purpose and reinvent objects to give them new glory. This initial meeting usually takes about two hours and its sole purpose is to gather and document information. No design advice, therefore, is given to the client at this time — the process has only just begun!

The next step in the design process is imagination, and this takes all of the information from the investigation that we did and converts it into viable design solutions that appeal to all of your preferences, desires, and boundaries. It is my mission to provide you with a design solution that enlivens the senses and anticipates your every need. This process will usually take up to four weeks to complete and will pull from all of the resources available to me.

The final element of your chapter is the Presentation. During our time apart, I will have developed a solution with all of the details decided. Colors for the home, fabrics and furniture styles, floor plans and lighting schedules, everything! I will arrange and display this composition for you using boards, samples, renderings, and anything else necessary to provide a clear visualization for you. Using the photographs that were taken during the consultation at your home, I will virtually “walk through” your project space. You will see fabrics, finishes, colors, samples, furniture, window treatments working together harmoniously to create a vision for your space. For your reference and review, I will also provide a source list for you during this presentation. It will include the current pricing for every piece presented in your solution and we will discuss how the source list fits into your budgetary goals and restrictions.

It is my hope and expectation that you will be very involved and inquisitive during the presentation. It is entirely natural that not 100% of the design solution will be perfect the very first time. If there is something you didn’t like, perhaps a fabric or furniture style, I can make an adjustment to suit your preferences. Many times I have come across an alternate in the process of selection, and can make a change without much fuss. I expect that with all the information that I will already have revisions won’t be burdensome, and I will suggest changes and provide options at the presentation until we agree that the design solution is ideal. Our goal, after all, is for you to master your domain!

The presentation draws the first chapter in your design story to a close. Of course, I encourage you to revisit our comments, ideas, options, prices and suggestions. Live with the design for a little while and dream for your space! When you are ready to move onto Chapter Two, we will move forward into commissioning, management, and your final reveal!

Chapter Two: Commission, Manage, and Delight.

Chapter two is the action step in your design story. After seeing your presentation, you choose to move forward to make the design plan a reality. The first step is commissioning. Here you give authorization to purchase the pieces in your design plan. I will create a prioritized source list by the length of production time, complexity, or need for review. Custom pieces are typically of the highest priority, taking up to 3 months to complete and inspect for quality. The rate of purchases is determined by your budget, but the source list will have prescribed deadlines to ensure timely delivery.

Management is the next step in the process. Here you can sit back and relax. I do all the heavy lifting (figuratively, of course!). During this stage, items will be held in a storage location accessible by the both of us for the duration of the project (until installation). Items will be delivered to my address for inspection unless I won’t be able to transport them to the storage facility, in which case I will have them delivered directly there with my supervision. Inevitably when ordering a volume of products some will come in damaged, some imperfect, and some won’t come as specified. Don’t worry I will handle it all — returns, exchanges, replacements –anything at all. Custom softgoods require multiple steps: confirming dye lots, accepting delivery of fabrics, expediting to the workroom, follow-up on design and fabrication, and inspection before delivery. As one of the most complex items in any complete design, this process must have my full attention. And it will. You will be freed from those responsibilities and need only sign approvals of the fabrics and design sketches. This management step isn’t that glamorous, but you can envision it as your vacation from the project– taking a mental break before arriving back at your beautifully completed home!

The final step – and my absolute favorite part-is delight. This is everything the word promises. Take a look at your space, painted and fresh but empty….and return the next day with everything in its place like a hotel you’ve personalized to be your very own! We will schedule the installation up to a month in advance depending on the contractors that are needed before we can begin. With the exception of paint, carpet and wallpaper, everything is done in the same day. For the installation itself I will assemble a curated team of local professionals that can do all the project requires. Once the time comes, we respectfully request that you give us the entire day alone in your space to be creative and efficient. We hang draperies, place furniture and accessorize the environment. Let’s say that you ordered a bed, dresser, mirror, and drapery for the master bedroom. We would bring those items in and place your existing furniture, pictures and accessories. We may place additional items (for your approval) that were ‘missing’ in the design plan. We arrange everything and leave you with a completed, polished vision– the same vision that we discussed and dreamed of on day one! You then have the opportunity to take two days to consider the items for approval and decide what, if anything, to return. With your vision in living color I hope that nothing will seem out of place or unnecessary. However, you are under no obligation to keep any extras. There is no need to pressure you…we will have been through enough together already!! At the end of their design story, my clients often recommend me to their friends and family. I hope the same will be true for you — it is my joy to work with you.

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Philip Pullman

Let’s build your design story, and Master Your Domain.

We can chat on the phone. Call me at 404.401.5055.
Or we can start the conversation with email. Find me at This way, we can get on the same page about your domain and figure out the best way to move forward.

Also, so that you don’t walk away with that “I’m not sure they really do what I need” thought in your head…consider this:

  • Degree: Master of Interior Design, University of Florida 2009
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science – Hospitality Administration, Cornell University 2004
  • Allied Member, ASID (What’s this?)
  • LEED AP ID+C  (What’s this?)
  • ReGreen Trained Professional (What’s this?)

I can’t wait to get to know you and your Domain!

GBCI  Number: 10318967

– Alexia


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