Awash With Color: Modern Coastal Palettes

Coastal Color Palettes
don’t have to be the same ‘ol-same ‘ol


Living on the coast I have the opportunity to design waterfront homes from time to time. Some clients have a strong opinion on what colors they want for their home  based on ideas they’ve seen, hotels they’ve stayed in, or their favorite beach-side stores.  But other clients are afraid of color selection– thinking that their space will end up looking like a colorful fish-shack or a boring whitewashed wonder.  I’ve created some Sherwin-Williams Chip Cards to explore what inspirations can be used for a beautiful coastal home without being coy or boring.

Sherwin-Williams Color Inspiration
A forgotten avian artifact litters the coast but produces wonderful inspiration with Sherwin-Williams Color.

Many times the sand, surf, and sky are plentiful inspiration for a coastal color palette. Reminiscent of a cut of sandstone, the graduation of Sanderling, Copper Mountain, and Tricorn Black soothes and balances while the airy tones Atmospheric and Extra White This palette would be excellent for a main living area; it provides mid tones, highlights, and deeper accents for a sophisticated, casual look.

Sherwin-Williams Color Inspiration
Romance doesn’t have to be dated. Spark fresh femininity with clear, bright hues and soft neutrals.

There’s a softer side of the beach with romance and hint of blush. This vibrant bouquet gives you fresh mineral tones Cucumber and Early Grey reminding you of the water and rocks then scatters and handful of fragrant petals, adding softness and femininity. Zany Pink and Lavish Lavender are no dusty rose, though– these full-toned accents are zippy and bright for ageless girly accents.

Sherwin-Williams Color Inspiration
Time-tested metal and creeping moss explode with color and texture. This jewel-toned palette is anything but boring!

Modern interiors vary widely in their use of color. The interior surfaces, especially vertical ones, can be a blank canvas for the placement of fine art, the more subtle shifting of light through the architecture, or an homage to the minimal. Imagine these jewel-toned comrades brightening a fresh and lively kitchen space or powder bath balanced by the softer neutrals Lucent Yellow, Roman Column, and Tricorn Black.


A Study in Serenity: Completed Baby Girl Nursery

Wow! What a whirlwind day!

The very first installation of the year is complete. Not without a bump or two…but the finished room is such a cozy and comfortable space I couldn’t be more pleased! Take a look at how the day unfolded…

Unpack and Strategize

Unpack and Strategize
Marcus, the ever-handy hubbs opens the slew of boxes containing the crib.

Texan boutique Nod to the Past supplied this beautiful hand-finished dresser for the nursery. The colors and time-worn appeal provide a touch of feminine softness and the ample storage gives great functionality.

Nod To The Past dresser being packed with the clients shower gifts and diapering supplies.
Jessica of Hatton’s Photography assisted in styling the nursery before taking photos of the completed room.
Restoration Hardware armoire gets tip restraints.
You can never be too careful when it comes to safety!
Styling by Hatton's Photography
Jessica makes more progress with the dresser/changing table while the finished touches are put on the drapery.

During an install, there is the unpacking, the load-in, the styling and the reveal!  Styling is one of my favorite parts, of course, but sometimes you have to give the work to the team and focus on other things…

Giant safety pins from Ballard Designs
In order to effectively delegate, i will verify the placement of wall decor with paper templates and let the assistants do the work!
Heirloom items and special gifts can be displayed everyday.
Antique dressing clothes and boutique toiletries from Noodle & Boo adorn the wall alongside the double dresser/changing table.
Nursing nook is comfortable and functional. Everything withing arm's reach is ideal for new moms.
A vintage cane and bentwood rocker gives an ideal perch for new mom and baby by the bay window. The close and functional two-shelf end table supplies light and a drop zone for nursing supplies.

This corner of the room is one of my favorite spots. Sitting by the window and rocking the baby will be one of the most relaxing things this new mom will do in the course of her day.

Hattons Photography to install newborn gallery over dresser
Above this beautiful hand-restored dresser, Hattons Photography will place a three-piece gallery of custom-painted wood frames and selected photos from the newborn session.

And Finally, a Full Room View…. close the curtains, it’s time to take a nap!

A view of the room shows a soft, feminine transformation!
The finished nursery is a blend of French influences, collected antiques, and hand-me-down pieces. The final product is personal, comfortable, and serene.

For Now, that’s all! I’ll update the post when the baby arrives safely and the gallery is up! In the meantime, check out some of the most ADORABLE inspiration that you’ll find anywhere for designing nurseries…. the babies themselves! Here are some of my faves over at Hattons Photography