Even when I veg out I’m working…and she proves it!

I ran across this awesome little article from Becky Harris, and though I have not had the opportunity to see ‘House of Cards’ yet… she’s spot on about pausing the show to oogle at interiors! Worth the read– Thanks, Becky!

Say What? : Have you picked up any design tips from the sets of House of Cards? Were you able to space out the episodes, or did you binge, like I did? Let us know in the Comments section.


under construction…new look in the works!

Under construction...new look in the works!
Take a look at our pin board at Pinterest .com to see the inspiration behind the brand.

In honor of our new locale and in preparation for an outstanding year in design…we are creating a fresh new look. Stop by from time to time to see what we’re cooking up! Click on the sneak-peek above to see some of the inspiration behind our brand, our coming look, and our interiors…and tell us what you think!