Domain Interior Studio. What’s that about, you say? It’s an intervention. Your house — or shall I say apartment, loft, abode, domicile, dwelling, casita, nest– your DOMAIN wants you back. It’s starting to feel neglected, and frankly- is tired of all the time you’ve been spending with your other space…your online space.

Yeah, updating your facebook wall while its walls don dusty shelves of ballet-themed snow globes and Scarface posters from college. Sure, post another picture of yourself on Instagram, but in the background we can all see the generic stretchy slipcover barely hiding the scratchy blue plaid couch from your great aunt.  Your Domain needs some serious love.

Domain is defined as “complete and absolute ownership” of your space. Do you feel like you own your space? I see a couple of hands out there. Well, few people can truly say this — the rest of us find our homes mismatched jigsaw puzzles of furniture from our previous life, irresistible deals from TJMaxx, and everyday items that we can’t seem to find the perfect place for. And that’s where I come in.

You might have seen the perfect room for you on Divine Design… or perhaps the ideal mood was struck at your last vacation in the mountains.  Its hard to translate those thoughts into your 1970’s bungalow. There are so many ideas for the home pouring from HGTV or Pinterest or springtime Home Depot commercials  …yet so little useful information on how to apply them personally (and better yet professionally) to your space! Years of experience working with clients and their homes gives me perspective on what  you really loved about the mountains or just how appropriate that cherry red accent wall might be in your living room.

A thorough, industrious knowledge of your retail options (both local and virtual) is also necessary to put together a flawless look.  A wise friend of mine once said “It takes 5 years to build a 5-year relationship”. Obvious, sure. But what I’m getting at is…I’ve been shopping for furniture now for nearly a decade. Not for me, of course…or else you might have some misgivings about my abilities…. But for dozens of projects with their own unique needs, timelines, and budgets. Don’t spin your wheels jumping from page to page and driving all over town to laboriously piece together your look. Because you won’t finish. Go ahead admit it. And then you’ll be back where you began — needing me!

In short, I do Domains. No matter where you are in the pipeline — building a home from the plans up or trying to salvage the relationship with your existing space– I can help.

Click over to my “Things We Do” Page to see how we work.


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