So, what to do next?

Well, in our design by-week (You know, the week where you don’t get a paycheck) we have been looking at all the projects around the house and trying to prioritize them. I reviewed the downstairs…and haven’t even gone upstairs yet!

So, we have the dining nook, which you saw in last week’s post. I’d like to finish up some details there and add some embellishments. An easy-to-clean rug and also some padding for the benches, for starters– plus a centerpiece, the ribbon for the edge of the bookshelves and the finishing touches on the open art frame. This would really finish it all very nicely.

Next we have the seating area.

Open Plan at its best

Ideally it would have a fun rug, too. We found a great basket for the table…but the table itself is in bad shape (oh! and so is the dining table, I forgot!). The oh-so-oversized TV is basically killing me, but we have to make it work for now….the media stand is too high, we need something just a wee bit shorter! The second bench from the dining table is a good stand-in for the built-in storage box we have planned for over there, and we’re still missing an end table and proper lamp.

Of course there is my desk in the crafty nook.

Domain Interior Studio: On Payroll

We won’t even talk about that right now. I haven’t even had time to dream about what that would ideally look like. As of now, its an uninspired blonde pine drafting desk. Hey — at least it’s solid wood. It’s next life will be gorgeous, I’m sure! In the meantime, Jayden loves to stand on the stepstool and discuss the design direction for the company with Lauren. This is what I pay them for!

Next, there’s the patio. I'd love more than just the basics...

Cozy, sure… but with potential!

Well, at least it meets HOA code for beautifying the space… but we want a little bit more out of the space than we have now. It’s fairly limited, but I think we could infuse some more personality.

  And last but not least…the stairwell triangle:
or “handprint land” as I call it.

Decorating the stairwell: gallery, wallpaper, vinyl wall decals

::sigh:: This no-man’s land needs a pick-me up but I don’t want to just replicate the gallery from the dining nook onto this wall. We have some nice wall lettering that would look cool here, but what else? A family portrait? (Probably a silly one?) Dimensional artwork? A mirror? Whatever it its, it really needs to be something Jayden can’t reach and pull off the wall. Of course we also discussed putting some sort of border –like a temporary wainscot — along the bottom two feet of the wall. Bead board would be nice…or even bead board wallpaper.  Still brainstorming for this area!

Well, I’m Curious : What do you think we should work on next?


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