A Big ‘Ol Plan Brewin….

Black cat and old witch brewing a devious concoction

I couldn’t help but say — with this Fall Season upon us — that we have a big plan brewing over here at Domain Interior Studio!

You guys are familiar with Young House Love, right? I mean — how could you not be? Well, I received their book for my birthday from my wonderful husband, and I have been endlessly entertained and inspired since! I mean, sure…we don’t live in a house. And sure…we can’t make alterations to the structure of our townhouse…but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have any fun at all! So, it got me thinking about something…. remember Julie&Julia? Yeah! One of my faves too…don’t spoil the secret, but just take that little nugget and turn it over in your mind a little while! I’ll tell you the whole shebang soon!

In the meantime, my roomie Lauren has come back from her home-for-a-weekend roadtrip with fabric scrap goodies, a set of awesome little jars, a happy Ikat lunch tote…and her own coffee-bean grinder! Now, how is that for everyday inspiration? That’s a recipe for AWESOME is what that is.

Okay, well. I think I’ve said enough for now, but we are getting really close to finding our brains in the unpacked craziness from moving…and I should be able to catalog all these future projects soon.

Cya!~ Lexie

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