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Craftliscious Weekend Planned

So this weekend we aren’t travelling, we aren’t hosting any guests, and we aren’t completely broke. This is a perfect storm for sitting at home and doing nothing CRAFTS! I have some planned of course…the ones with the least set-up required and the least shopping involved.

You can take a look my Pinterest Board to see all the details we are dreaming of, but here are some highlights of what I hope to get to by Sunday:

Dip Painting Wine Bottles for Water
wine bottle, craft, DIY, painted bottle, water bottle
I love the simplicity of the dipped glass bottle. We have several clear and icy blue wine bottles that I’ve been saving from the last house just for this purpose!
Craft, glass bottle, painted bottle, paint, centerpiece,DIY, spring table
Use little juice bottles or Frappucino bottles for a mini-version of the same craft. Great for small centerpieces and side tables.
Nailhead and Ribbon Trim for the bookshelves
Nailhead trim, ribbon, bed, headboard, bedroom, upholstery, classic decor, gray.
This bed is a true inspiration — beautiful as it is, I was thinking that I love the spacing of the nailhead and texture of the ribbon for my shelf!
nailhead, home office, trim, ribbon, desk, DIY
This crafty person chose a ribbon and nailhead trim for the edge of their desk. I love the addition of nailhead and will use it on my shelves.

I think with a few free nap-time hours and about…$35 bucks I can do both of these this weekend! Who knows, I might even think of something else!


What are all you guys out there doing this weekend? Leave a comment, and have a good time!

This little boat is destined for Jayden's Neverland Big Boy Room!

…Around Town…

So, since the design by-week (the week with no payday) is over I was around town looking for the best way to spend this week’s budget. Well, I soon realized that I had never set a budget, so I’d better not buy anything quite yet. If it’s between an end table and diapers, I’d choose diapers any day! So, I had to settle for taking pictures and storing them up for later. I’ll  show you a peek of all the things I saw and drooled over!

First, this little sailboat — perfect for the “Neverland Big Boy’s Room” we are creating for Jayden

Neverland Sailboat
Up on a shelf– and out to sea! A treasure to hold, a joy to see! This little wooden sailboat couldn’t be cuter!

Here’s that little guy now, who will be trying to play with destroy the boat….

Solid wood toys are where its at when it comes to this tough guy.
play break!

Then I ran across this cute little sign on a piece of driftwood!

I snagged it just in time for National Boss Day. Perfect pairing to a bottle of wine and a basket of chocolates! No, we’re not sucking up…we REALLY like our boss at work! Plus, who wouldn’t dish out 7 bucks for this little hand-painted  doo-dad?

Inlet Queens disturbed door sign in apple green driftwood.
She loved it! Hung it up right in the door jamb!

Deeper into this fun store Inlet Queens, I found this little ottoman!

What do I need an ottoman for? A time-out chair? A yoga prop? A colorful addition to our boring beige living room? You need to be asking yourself what don’t I need an ottoman for?

Apple green ottoman!
Low-Lying Cutie alert!

On my way out I almost missed this “Market Special”!

These two end tables were just $25 each! A beautiful weathered chartreuse with a creamy center on top. Just gorgeous. I will be doing some serious measuring when I get home. We need some fun color STAT!

Inlet Queens Market special end tables -- break the boring beige!
This fresh pop could be just what I need…if they’re not too high.

That’s all for now, but don’t worry — I’ll be (window) shopping like a maniac all weekend. I’ve decided to finish the nailhead shelves this weekend and look for some ways to bring in color to the living room too. I hope the thrift gods are happy this weekend.