Un-deck the Halls! Day 1: The Vessel

Day 1: Where are you going to put it all?

Well, to begin we will need a vessel. Indeed — a big one! We’re talking boxes and bins here, people! I recommend rigid, uniform, stackable storage, like this one:

clear bins

I like the idea of transparent ones so that if I’m searching for something in particular I don’t have to open 4 boxes to find it…but some like the idea of not being able to see all the craziness inside. I can see the merit in both. Either way, once you have your bins you can start to plan the contents. Baby steps, though. Baby steps!

Now that we are on the subject… Do you have a place to put your bins? If you’re like me then you have a garage, but it’s full of all kinds of stuff! I could put this bin in the garage and I may never see it again…. But I don’t have room inside the house for bins. It could be time to take a second look at that attic space or crawl space. A well-prepared tote can surely brave the elements and last the eleven long months, ready to give to the next year’s splendor.

Well, I won’t keep you too long. You do have to go get your bins. What’s that? You already have them? Well, go sip some eggnog and wait for the rest of us to catch up! And while you sip, think about this and let me know:

What is your biggest concern with packing and storing seasonal decorations?

See you soon,

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